Faith, Family Spirit, Academic Excellence

Faith, Family Spirit, Academic Excellence

As defined by Billings Central Catholic High School


Faith is the fundamental foundation that enables a Christ-centered approach to all aspects of the educational experience, emphasizing the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic faith.

Faith is achieved by providing opportunities for staff and students to model Christ-like behavior, and to learn and grow in an atmosphere that embraces our vision of Making God Smile.

Faith is measured by sincere participation in and contribution to community service, Mass, Mass ministries, retreats, and other daily opportunities to model Christ, and is readily apparent in our school culture of unity and acceptance.

Family Spirit

Family Spirit fosters Christian growth and maturity and encourages participation, developing a sense of community and creating strong personal connections that result in lifelong relationships.

Family Spirit is achieved by modeling the Gospel of Jesus through consistent love and support for one another in and out of the classroom, creating a safe, respectful and disciplined environment anchored in core values.

Family Spirit is measured by an unfaltering knowledge and awareness of school culture by staff, students, parents, alumni and all stakeholders, to ensure an ever-present atmosphere of respect, unity and acceptance.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence develops honest, responsible and accountable high-achieving learners with Christ-centered values who serve their local and global communities.

Academic Excellence is achieved by consistently teaching relevant classroom content and providing the necessary tools to empower students in a safe environment that fosters strong relationships.

Academic Excellence is measured by utilizing clear, concise, varied and comprehensive assessment methods to verify student progress and mastery.