One-To-One iPad Curriculum

Billings Catholic Schools utilize a one-to-one iPad curriculum, meaning that every student, grade K-12, has a school provided iPad. The curriculum works differently at each grade level. In grades K-5, the iPads stay at school, while students in grades 6-12 take the devices home with them. Once assigned an iPad, the same device will stay with that student for the life of the iPad. Data contained on student iPads is stored on BCS servers, and transferred when a new iPad is assigned.

iPads are managed by a program called Apple Classroom Manager, which allows a teacher to see from their own computer what each student is doing on their iPad. Classroom Manager also enables a teacher to lock students into a particular program or activity, along with numerous other tools the teacher can utilize to keep students on task.

iPads result in more efficiency for students, who can take notes, complete assignments and submit finished work electronically. iPads offer the possibility of lower costs as well, as hard copy textbooks are replaced with electronic versions. iPads are a powerful tool in individualized learning, providing teachers with the means to offer additional learning opportunities to students needing more help, or students ready to move ahead, while still serving the needs of the entire classroom.