Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

Tuition and Fees

The mission of Billings Catholic Schools is to provide an exceptional Catholic education to all students, regardless of family financial circumstances. Billings Catholic Schools and its supporters offer over 1 million dollars in scholarship assistance annually, based on financial need. We encourage all students, regardless of financial means, to apply for admission.

Annual Tuition
Grades K-5:   $5255
Grades 6-8:   $5675
Grades 9-12:   $8400

Registration Fees
Grades K-5:   $180
Grades 6-8:   $300
Grades 9-12:   $350

Per Student Annual Technology Fee:   $100

Per Family Annual Fundraising Fee:   $495

Scholarship Opportunities

Billings Catholic Schools Financial Scholarship

Families with an adjusted gross income of $115,000 or lower, as well as families with three or more enrolled children, are eligible for a BCS Financial Scholarship. BCS utilizes Smart Aid to process financial scholarship applications. Applications are due May 15.
BCS Financial Grant/Smart Aid Application
SmartAid Instructions for Parents
BCS Sibling Grant Application

ACE Scholarship

Families meeting the financial guidelines are eligible for the ACE Scholarship. The ACE Scholarship significantly reduces the cost of tuition for low-income families. Applications are due April 16.
2018 ACE Scholarship Application

BCS Foundation Scholarships

The BCS Foundation offers over 40 different scholarships to BCS students. The scholarships offered are a variety of both need and merit based scholarships. Applications are due to the BCS Foundation offices by May 15, 2018.
BCS Foundation Scholarship Application
Ann Millikan Memorial Scholarship

Parish Scholarships

George Friesen Memorial Scholarship
Applications for the George Friesen Memorial Scholarship are due to the Saint Patrick Co-Cathedral Office by April 15, 2018

Father Steve Tokarski Memorial Scholarship
Applications for the Father Steve Tokarski Memorial Scholarship are due to the Saint Pius X Parish office by April 16, 2018

Saint Bernard Council of Catholic Women Scholarship
Applications for the Council of Catholic Women Scholarship are due to the Saint Bernard Parish office by April 6, 2018

Catholic Parish Grant

Local Catholic parishes generously support Billings Catholic Schools each year. Registered, active and practicing members of local Catholic parishes are eligible for a Catholic Parish Grant for each of their children. The parish office communicates with the school on their parishioners who have students enrolled in the Catholic schools. No application is necessary to receive the Catholic Parish Grant.

Parish Grant
Grades K-8:   $830
Grades 9-12:  $1000

Cost of Mission Program

Families who are financially able are invited to participate in the BCS Cost of Mission program. Cost of Mission provides parents the opportunity to bridge the gap between the stated tuition rate and the Cost of Mission. All contributions above the tuition amount will be processed as a charitable tax donation and as such are tax deductible. Parents will be invited to contribute to the Cost of Mission when tuition statements are available in SmartTuition in late June.

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