Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

Tuition and Fees

The mission of Billings Catholic Schools is to provide an exceptional Catholic education founded on faith, family spirit and academic excellence. For the 2022-2023 school year Billings Catholic Schools K-12 students received over $1.3 million in financial assistance through the support of our local Catholic Parishes, Billings Catholic Schools, the Billings Catholic Schools Foundation, ACE Scholarships, and local community partners. BCS expects to award approximately $1.5 million in financial assistance for the 2023-2024 school year.

2023-24 Annual Tuition*
Grades K-4:  $7260
Grades 5-8:   $7980
Grades 9-12:  $10,850

2023-24 Annual Affiliated Parish Tuition*
Grades K-4:  $6060
Grades 5-8:  $6780
Grades 9-12:   $9450

Commitment Deposit of $200 required to ensure a space for each student. Commitment Deposit is credited to tuition.

*Domestic student rates only. International students email for information on tuition.

Available Assistance

BCS Financial Grants and the ACE Scholarship

Applications for Billings Catholic Schools Financial Grants (BCS Grants) are now available for all Billings Catholic Schools families. Click HERE for more information and details on the BCS Grant application process and answers to frequently asked questions. Click HERE or visit to access FACTS to submit an application. All families in need of financial assistance for K-12 students in the 2023-24 school year are encouraged to apply. BCS Grants are open to any applying family and are not income restricted.

Click HERE for the ACE Scholarship income guidelines. All families meeting the income criteria for ACE are encouraged to apply for an ACE Scholarship as well as the BCS Financial Scholarship.

Families can apply for both ACE and BCS Grants through FACTS by clicking HERE and requesting that the application be submitted to both organizations.

BCS Foundation Scholarships

The Billings Catholic Schools Foundation provides both need and merit based scholarships. The Ann Millikan Memorial Scholarship and the Father Steve Memorial Scholarship (application links below) do not require a FACTS application. However, all other BCS Foundation Scholarships require families to apply through FACTS in addition to completing a BCS Foundation Scholarship application. BCS Foundation scholarships are open to all students regardless of additional aid received. For the BCSF scholarship application.

Click the links below to access the BCS Foundation Scholarships supplemental applications.

BCS Foundation Scholarship Application (FACTS application required in addition to supplemental BCS Foundation application form.)

Ann Millikan Scholarship Application

Father Steve Memorial Scholarship

For more information, call the BCS Admin Office at 406.252.0997.

Parish and Additional Scholarships

George Friesen Memorial Scholarship

Application due to the Saint Patrick’s Office by Friday, April 14

Saint Francis Catholic Student Council Scholarship

Application due to the Saint Francis Catholic Office by Friday, April 14

Knights of Columbus Scholarship

Applications due to the Saint Francis Catholic Office by Friday, April 28

Billings Alarm Scholarship

Applications due to the Saint Francis Catholic Office by Friday, April 28

Drew Murray Scholarship

Applications due to the Saint Francis Catholic Office by Friday, May 19