Become an International Student Host Family

For more information about hosting an international student, email the BCCHS International Student Program.

BCS Families,
Good afternoon! I hope your summer is going well. At Central, we are beginning the process of finding host families for our international students for the 2023-24 school year. This year we will have international students from Italy, Montenegro, and Germany. The goal of the International Student Program (ISP) at Central to provide an exceptional educational experience in an American high school and an equally great host family experience for the exchange student. We also hope it will benefit our own local students and families, exposing them to new traditions and cultures.

Before any international student is accepted at Central, they go through an extensive screening and application process, as well as a face-to-face interview. These students all speak English fluently, get good grades, and are excited to be a part of a traditional American high school experience. The best host family is open-minded, communicates well, and has a lot to share with a host student. The primary responsibilities are providing meals and a bedroom and bathroom for the student, as well as transportation to and from school and school events. However, the real goal of a host family is to welcome the student into their homes and their hearts, to invite the child to become a part of their lives.

Any family interested in embarking on an adventure as a host family receives a $1,000 stipend per semester for hosting the student, as well as a $500 tuition credit for one of their own children. If you think you might be interested in hosting an international student, I am happy to meet with you as a family to answer any questions that you might have. Thanks so much for considering this opportunity!

Alessio Vanti, Italy, Grade 11, Male, Full Year
Alessio is a highly responsible, motivated individual with a strong sense of family. He is also a talented musician who plays the French horn at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna (he would like to bring French Horn to U.S. and be able to play it), as well as the guitar and piano. In his free time, Alessio enjoys reading, playing chess, cooking, and traveling. He is a well-rounded individual who is passionate about learning, eager to try new things, and respectful of others. For more information on Alessio click HERE.

Janko Lakovic, Montenegro, Grade 11, Male, Full Year
Janko is a wonderful young man, who became swimmer couple of years ago and since then swimming is his biggest passion. He is looking forward to coming to the States to improve his swimming skills, but also to learn about a new culture. Janko is enjoys watching sports of all kinds, especially soccer. Janko is an outgoing, friendly, responsible, and respectful person who enjoys meeting new people and making new friendships. For more information on Janko click HERE.

Jonas Rosgen, Germany, Grade 11, Male, Full Year
Jonas is a smart young man who does well in school and is eager to immerse himself in American culture and make the most of his time abroad. He has a good sense of humor and is goal-oriented and responsible. His current passion is American football, and he currently plays on a small team in his hometown in Germany as running back. For more information on Jonas click HERE.

Justus Hendriksen, Germany, Grade 11, Male, Full Year
Justus is outgoing, open-minded and does well academically. He enjoys sports and especially tennis, which he has played for 11 years. He is learning to play the piano, and he enjoys being outdoors and mountain biking. He and his friends enjoy spending time in the woods and build log cabins together by hand. They created a YouTube channel called “Forest 5”, where they have uploaded several videos about their construction work. For more information on Justus click HERE.

Martina Selvaggio, Italy, Grade 12, Female, Full Year
Martina is a top student academically and a very nice girl with good English. She loves dancing, singing, and theatre, and would like to try cheerleading and take psychology as a class. She enjoys climbing, likes to travel and camp, and likes pets. Martina is excited to experience a new culture and to share her Italian heritage as well. For more information on Martina click HERE.

Paolo Adami, Germany, Grade 11, Male, Full Year
Paolo’s father is from Italy and he lives with his mom in Germany so he speaks both Italian and German, and hopes to learn Spanish. He really enjoys sports, and his hobbies are tennis (he plays in a club), basketball for fun, soccer, skiing, and ice skating. He also plays the guitar and enjoys traveling. Paolo is strong academically and is looking forward to experiencing high school at Billings Central. Paolo is allergic to cats. For more information on Paulo click HERE.

Sophia Vogt, Germany, Grade 11, Female, Full Year
Sophia speaks German, English and French. She started playing the flute as a young girl, and now plays the traverse flute. Playing music in orchestra or smaller groups is one of her favorite hobbies, and she loves practicing with a group or her friends and being part of a music family. Her other hobbies are dancing, horse riding, skiing, baking, running, and going to the gym. Her favorite subjects in school are English, sports and business class. For more information on Sophia click HERE.

Matteo Trinchillo, Grade 12, Italy, Full Year
Matteo speaks English fluently, does well academically, and is excited to immerse himself in a new culture, improve his English, and share his Neapolitan traditions. He loves cooking and hopes to teach his host family some Italian recipes. Matteo is a passionate basketball player, dreams of joining an American high school team, and enjoys sports in general. He is cheerful, caring, and responsible. For more information on Matteo click HERE.