BCS VIRTUAL Running On Faith 3K Foot Race

August 31, 2021

BCS Parents, Students and Staff,

The BCS Running on Faith VIRTUAL Footrace and Fundraiser is Sunday, September 12!


Billings Catholic School is hosting the annual Running On Faith 3K footrace on Sunday, September 12, and we invite you to participate! Running on Faith allows families the opportunity to raise money by gathering pledges from friends, family and neighbors to support the student who is participating. For more information, or to sponsor a jogger online, register for the race, or download a pledge sheet, click HERE. A free t-shirt will be given to all participants who register by noon on Friday, September 3.

What is a virtual 3K?

A virtual run/walk is the same as any other 3K. The difference is that you can walk or run at any location, at any pace, inside on a treadmill or even in another town or state! All you need to do is join in completing a 3K or longer run or walk at any point on Sunday, September 12. Send a picture or short video documenting your participation to bcs@billingscatholicschools.org. All photos and videos will be featured on the BCS Facebook page!

The RAMS arch will be set up at Saint Francis Catholic from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday, September 12, for any families who want to take a picture under the arch. Families are also welcome to run the traditional 3K route around SFC and Rose Park.

T-Shirts will be pre-ordered for everyone who registers by the noon on Friday, September 4. PARTICIPANTS HAVE TO REGISTER BY NOON ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, TO GET A FREE T-SHIRT! This includes parents and BCS staff members. Click HERE to register! T-Shirt Pick Up will be on Sunday, September 12, from 11:00am to 1:00pm at Saint Francis Catholic near the RAMS arch.

If you have questions related to Running On Faith or the BCS fundraising requirement, click HERE for more information.

Kathleen Harris
Admissions Specialist
Billings Central Catholic High School


  • Every family has a $495 annual fundraising fee
  • Running On Faith pledges can be made by cash, check, or online
  • To earn fundraising dollars from ROF, students can begin collecting pledges anytime preceding the race
  • Supporters can donate online by clicking Sponsor-A-Jogger
  • Pledge sheets can be printed by clicking  ROF Pledge Sheet
  • ROF pledges are tax deductible for the donor
  • Pledges are due to the school office by the 4th Monday in September
  • Preschool students are welcome to participate in Running On Faith fundraising, but do not have a fundraising requirement and are not required to participate
  • The fundraising fee can be raised through participation in Running on Faith, Scrip, paying the fee, or any combination of the three
  • Every dollar earned over the $495 results in a 50% tuition credit to the family
  • To find out a family’s fundraising total at any point during the year, call 406.252.0997

The goal of Running On Faith is 100% participation by every student enrolled in BCS, whether by participating, soliciting pledges, or volunteering. Running On Faith is a great way to kick-off the school year and build and share camaraderie with our Billings Catholic Schools community. For more information, call 406.867.8043 or email bcs@billingscatholicschools.org.