April 19, 2017

  • 1April 19, 2017 4:00 pm

    Time: 4:00 pm
    Place: BCS/BCSF Board Room – St. Pat’s

    Present: Ken Frazier, Chair
    Karen Fagg, Vice Chair
    Leo O’Brien
    Ashley Harada
    Brian McGovern
    A.J. Miller
    Bob Cerkovnik
    Alex McCready
    Jan Haider, Foundation President
    Kaitlin Overton, Finance Officer
    Kathy Harris, Marketing Director
    Shel Hanser, Principal BCCHS
    Deb Hayes, Principal SFP

    Opening Prayer: Leo

    Approval of Minutes: The minutes were not approved because there was not a quorum.

    Foundation Update: Mayfair: Mayfair is 3 weeks away. There are 45 out of the 65 available tables sold. KTVQ is currently running Mayfair promotion and have committed 2 emcees for the live auction and they are Jay Kohn and Jon Stepanek.

    Auction items added this week are a Ben Stringer original oil painting, an antique kitchen cupboard from Hull’s Antiques, a Mike Capser Bronze sculpture, a Hawaiian luau, and a Cajun Shrimp Boil from Brian McGovern.

    The Board is reminded about their donation for the whiskey wagon. It needs to be in by Friday. The donation will purchase the wagon, some accessories, and various kinds of whiskey.

    Grand Parent’s Day: Grandparent’s Day is Thursday, April 20 at SFI and SFP and Friday, April 21 at SFU.

    Grant Applications:
    On Good Friday, 2 grant applications were due. The Foundation received a call from the Wiegand Foundation concerning the Diocesan bankruptcy and they were referred to Daren Ultgren, the Diocesan Chancellor.

    Business Committee Report: Health Insurance: The main topic of discussion at the last Business Committee meeting was the health insurance premium structure. The BCS employees have a choice of two health insurance plans. There is a PPO plan that is a low deductible pan and an HSA plan that is a high deductible plan. BCS and the Diocese have the same insurance and insurance agent however BCS has a different premium structure.

    The Diocese has asked BCS to change its premium structure to match the Diocese’s structure. The Diocese pays a larger portion of the premium than BCS does and for the HSA plan, ‘employee only’, is paid in full by the employer. The main concern of the Business Committee is the number of BCS employees that would elect ‘employee only’ coverage under the HSA plan if BCS used the Diocese’s premium structure and the potential financial impact on the budget.

    The Business Committee is recommending a compromise with the Diocese. In doing so we will change our premium structure slightly to be close the Diocese’s structure. The premium structure of the PPO plan would remain unchanged because BCS already agrees to the Diocesan structure except for the ‘employee only’ plan. The Diocese elected to move closer to the BCS structure by 3 percent this year therefore the Business Committee is not recommending any changes to our premium structure of the PPO plan. For the HSA plan, the recommendation is to move 1 percent closer to the Diocesan program this year.

    Every year the Business Committee will review the health insurance plans with the hope of bringing the BCS and Diocesan premium structures together as our budget allows. BCS is the only entity in the Diocese that does not follow the Diocesan health insurance premium structure exactly.

    The Business Committee also noted that there was nearly a15 percent increase in the health insurance premiums this year. This is much larger than anticipated and will negatively affect the 17-18 budget.

    The Business Committee recommends the Board adopt the plan outlined in the spreadsheet Kaitlin presented.

    Vote: Bob made a motion to approve the proposed health insurance plan for 2017-2018 fiscal year. Leo seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously. Shaun’s vote will be taken electronically to make a quorum.

    Financial Statement: The financial statement was not discussed at the last committee meeting. The committee hopes to present the preliminary budget at the next Business Committee meeting.

    High School Utilities: There is no noticeable change in the high school utility bills since the new boiler was put in but that may be due to the colder winter this year.

    Marketing /Enrollment Report: Ace Scholarships: Ace Scholarships are due today.

    I Belong: “I Belong” is a program where the 8th grade students spend a day at the high school just before 8th grade promotion. Some of the 8th grade students and parents from St. Charles School also visited that day. There have been 6 scholarship applications from St. Charles School which is a parish school that does not pay tuition.

    Enrollment: The hope is to have solid enrollment projection numbers by the next Board meeting. The data is being hand checked. Approximately 158 current students have not registered. Some of them are probably waiting on scholarship information and part of them are children of staff members.

    There has been an increase in “shadow days” and tours and the Kindergarten numbers are up to 60.

    The new website was launched but not officially announced because there are issues that are being addressed.

    President’s Report: Retention: Last year there were 4 students that did not graduate and this year everyone is expected to graduate. As far as the school knows, there are not many students transferring to other schools this year.

    Open Positions on the Staff: The interview process will start soon.

    BCS Foundation Board Representative: Bucky Heringer will be the new School Board representative on the Foundation Board. Thank you to Bob and Alex for their offer to help.

    Daycare/Preschool/ Summer Program: The week after school gets out the preschool, daycare, and summer school program will be moved to SFI. The program start date is to be determined but will be soon after the move.

    ACE Gathering: There will be an ACE Gathering at Karen & Russ Fagg’s home on May 23rd. They are hosting a large group people for the ACE Scholarship program. Some of the significant donors to the ACE program will be there along with several Board members. Invitations will go out.

    Mayfair Donation: Previously discussed.

    New Website: Please go out and view the new website.

    ACT Tests: Today is the first time the ACT Tests were at Central and free of charge. It relieved a lot of anxiety in the juniors to have the testing in their building, with their fellow students, and during the school week. All the juniors arrived at school early and were provided breakfast. They tested for almost 5 ½ hours. Through the Naviance Program the students were given the opportunity to prepare for the ACT test.

    New Business: Signing of the Gym Floor: The St. Francis signing of the gym floor was discussed by the Board and St. Francis Primary was complimented by the contractors for their behavior during the event. The contractors are happy to be part of the St. Francis School project due to the enthusiasm, appreciation, and excitement of BCS and the community.

    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 5:17 pm.
    Respectfully Submitted: Shaun Harrington, Billings Catholic Schools President