October 5, 2016 4:00pm

  • 1October 5, 2016 4:00 pm

    Place: St. Patrick’s Co-Cathedral Conference Room

    Ken Frazier, Chair
    Karen Fagg, Vice Chair

    Reverend Steve Zabrocki, Parish Representative
    Leo O’Brien
    Bucky Heringer
    Ashley Harada
    Ryan Huppert
    Brian McGovern
    A.J. Miller
    Bob Cerkovnik
    Shaun Harrington, BCS President
    Kathy Harris, Marketing Director
    Shel Hanser, Principal BCCHS
    Tina Morgan, Home and School Chair

    Opening Prayer: Ryan Huppert

    Approval of Minutes:
    Vote: Bob made a motion to approve the minutes from September 7, 2016.  Brian seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.
    Vote: Karen made a motion to approve the minutes from September 21, 2016.  Bob seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

    Foundation Update:

    • September 30, 2016 the capital campaign received pledges totaling 1.1 million dollars.  There is 3.5 million still needed for St. Francis School.  It is amazing what has been accomplished in the last few years.  Groundbreaking was in April and the concrete is poured and the steel structure is in place.  The roof is in place and the enclosure has begun.  October 1st the parking lot and road received the first overlay.  The holding ponds were tested as they filled up with rain and runoff from the hard surfaces.
    • The Track I and Track II teams are busy making contacts, trying to raise the additional 3.5 million dollars needed for the St. Francis School to be debt free when it opens in August of 2017.  The capital campaign progress is being posted on social media 2 to 3 times a week.  Everyone was asked to go on the Foundation Facebook and share the posts.  The post provides opportunities to help St. Francis School with furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
    • Mariah Lafontaine who designed the Senior classes painting for the Master Lube fundraiser, gave permission to sell prints and note cards on the Foundation website to benefit the St. Francis School.  Paul Ruhter took photographs of the wall and the Foundation is looking at options for note cards and prints.
    • Progress is being made on fundraising and construction.  The ribbon cutting ceremony is tentatively planned for the 1st day of school next fall.  The Bishop will do the blessing and there are plans for a community open house and donor reception the week before school starts.

    Business Committee Report:

    • All of the documents have been provided to the Auditor.  The Business Committee adopted some new policies for cash control.  They are continuing to work on the budget.


    Marketing/Enrollment Report:

    • The final enrollment numbers show 973 students at BCS.  Turn the Table is October 12th and more tickets have been sold for the event than before.  Deb Wines class attended the BIO-Blitz this last weekend.  The jog-a-thon awards were presented at the Feast of St. Francis Mass.

    President’s Report

    • Introduction: Tina Morgan attended the meeting as a guest.  She is the Chair of Home and School.
    • School Board Officer Elections – One More Member: The last meeting did not have a quorum but there was a discussion about the election timeline in the bylaws.  The bylaws suggest the election of officers be held in May.  The attending members proposed the new members start the 1st meeting in September and the elections of officers be held the 2nd meeting in September.  The change was with a consensus of the Board members and there were not objections.
    • Vote:  Bucky made a motion to renew Ken Frazier as Chair of the School Board and Karen Fagg as Vice Chair.  Fr. Steve seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.
    • New Member: Alex McCready’s name will be presented to the Bishop for approval.  If the Bishop accepts the nomination, she will be offered a position on the Board.
    • Boiler Update: The gymnasium unit is operational, the boiler work and steam piping is continuing.  They hope to have the heat operational in the classrooms by the end of the week.  The project stayed on budget so the contingency funds can be used to help pay for the hot water heater.
    • October PIR Days: Superintendent Uhl will be in charge of the 1st day.  The 2nd day will include CCC for 45 minutes, the high school will work on the upcoming WCEA accreditation and the K-8 staff will work on plans for the St. Francis School.
    • Technology Update: Shaun met with 3 consulting firms about the hiring process for the new director.  Honcoop Technology Services was asked to review the BCS technology status and also match the applicants to the BCS needs.  They have agreed to a weekly cost until we get a technology director in house.

      There will be a technical interview that will last an hour and one half with about 5 candidates.  An organizational interview will be held at a later date with the top 3 candidates of the first round.  BCS will make the final decision on the director.  Shaun will be working on fundraising for this technology project.

    • Principal’s Meeting Minutes: Shaun will do an agenda synopsis for Board after principal meetings.

      Shaun would like to put presentation together about BCS that he could take to professional/service organizations as well as other gathering to promote BCS. Shaun asked the board to give him suggestions of groups board members knew of that he could visit to promote BCS.

    • Mayfair Special Projects:  There were questions about the process for selecting the MayFair Special Project.  Projects are suggested to the principals or Shaun and then the principals will talk about it and submit suggestions to the board.  One suggestion was to sell dedication/memorial bricks for $500 or do a donor wall.  Shel will bring a suggestion to the next board meeting.  The decision will have to be made by February.

    New Business:

    • There is no new business at this time.

    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

    Respectfully Submitted:  Shaun Harrington, Billings Catholic Schools President