2019-20 Music Department Schedule


9/11 Memorial Concert
· Wednesday September 11th
· Choir and Band Students Released at 10:50 am
· Return to school by 1:20pm (lunch provided)

BC Junior High Choir Festival
· September 23rd
· All day event with evening concert
· Set Up will be on the 22nd – Please Sign Up


All State Music Festival|
· Oct. 16th – 18th
. Only for Students that Auditioned to be in the All State Ensembles

BCCHS Collage
· Oct. 28th
· MSU B Petro Theatre
. Students Dismissed at 10:55 to rehearse at Petro Theatre
. Return to School at 2:55pm
· Concert Starts at 6:30pm – Doors open at 6pm
. Tickets are $10.00 for Adults and $5.00 for Students
· This is the Music Department Fundraiser (Please invite family and friends)


Tri County Honor Band Auditions
· November 4 th
· Auditions start at 11:30am – Students depart Central at 10:15am
· All Band students are eligible to audition to be a part of a 75-piece band made up of the top students in the area.
· Group tours in April Each Year (Honor Band costs $410.00 for each student that makes it)

BC Honor Choir Day
· November 25th
· Hosted by BC and 13 schools are invited to participate|
. Choirs participate in Music Festival
· All Day Event with Evening Concert
· Set up will be on Nov. 24th – Please sign up


· December 16th
· School show at 2:00pm
· Public Show at 7pm
· Set up will be on December 15th – Please Sign up
. Set Up is 4pm to 5:45pm
· Dress Rehearsals will be December 8th from 1 to 4pm and December 15th from 6 and 7:30pm


MLK Memorial Concert
· January 20th
· Choirs and bands to perform for Memorial
· Times TBA

Women’s Choir Festival
· January 27th and 28th
· Hosted by Bozeman – MSU School of Music
· Music Department


U of M Honor Choir Festival
· Auditioned Students out of BCCHS Choirs
· January 18th-20th with evening concerts
· Missoula School of Music is the Host

BC Junior High Honor Band Day
· February 3rd
· Junior High Bands attend the event
Hosted by BCCHS Music Department
· All Day Event with evening concert
· Set up on February 2nd


All Northwest Music Festival
· March 10th – 14th
· Location Spokane WA
· All music students that have auditioned and been selected
. All Students are welcome to Audition starting Oct. 5th

BCCHS Musical
· March 20th and 21st
· 7:30pm On the 15th / 2pm and 7:30pm on the 16th
· Tickets are $10 for Adults and $5.00 for Students
· Petro Theatre

Tri County Band Day
· March 22nd
· BCCHS Event
· Symphonic Band goes through festival Pre-adjudication at scheduled performance time
· Honor Band Members rehearse all day and perform concert in the evening
· All Day Event

District Music Festival – Large Groups
· Full Music Department Festival Requirement
· March 24th – Auditoriums around Billings (Schedule TBA)

District Music Festival – Solo Ensemble
· For Students wishing to participate in solo and ensembles
· March 30th – Location TBA


Tri County Honor Band – Mini Tour
· April 15th
· BCCHS Event for Auditioned Members
· All Day Event

Tri County Honor Band – Kick Off Concert
· April 21st
· BCCHS Students that Auditioned and were selected will be performing
· 7pm @ Lincoln Center

Tri County Honor Band Tour April 24th – April 28th
· BCCHS that have auditioned will be a part of the tour
· April 22nd – April 26th


State Music Festival
· BCCHS Event
· May 1st and 2nd

Music in the Parks Tour
· May 7th – 10th
· Full Department Trip – (Band / Orchestra / Jazz Band / Choirs)
· Spokane Valley and Silverwood
· $410.00 Per Student

BCCHS Spring Concert and Music Awards Ceremony
· May 20th
· Ralph Nelles Center at 7pm
· Set up will be on May 21st