BCS Bussing Information

BCS Bussing Annual Fee Schedule

1st Child2nd Child3rd Child4th Child
AM and PM $990AM and PM $720AM and PM $585AM and PM $105
AM or PM $650AM or PM $485AM or PM $360AM or PM $105

The Loop Bus fee is $380 per family. The loop bus transports students between BCS facilities, for example, from BCCHS to SFC or from SFC to SFC ECE. The sport bus fee is $150 per student per activity.

To register for or update bussing needs or stop or start bussing mid-school year email Patty DelZotto by clicking HERE or call 406.252.0997.

In any given year bussing is not guaranteed. Sarpy Transportation will evaluate bussing routes annually to confirm availability.

Bus Service is provided by Sarpy Transportation
Each student will be given a bus ticket with bus driver contact information