Become an International Student Host Family

Host families are needed each school year for international students who attend Billings Central Catholic High School. Host families may be compensated up to $675/month, and provide the student with room and board and transportation to and from school and school-related activities. Often students who provide host family compensation are hoping to come to the United States for several years, earning a diploma at an American high school. Many of these students will continue on to an American university for college.

Some international student host families may choose to host a student who pays for all personal expenses, but does not provide additional compensation for the host family. Many international students in this category come to Billings Central Catholic High School having completed ambassadorship programs in their own countries, earning the opportunity to study in America as part of a one year cultural exchange program. Other students in this category come for one year because they would like to experience American culture and the American way of life, but they do not intend to study in the United States for longer than a year.

For families hosting either type of international student. tuition grants for currently enrolled BCS students are available.

Hosting an international student can be an incredible experience for both the international student and the host family. Both the host family and the international student share their own culture, while also learning a new culture. Many host family experiences result in a lifelong relationship with the student, meeting the student’s family, and traveling to the student’s home country.