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Billings Catholic Schools Scrip enrollment code: 3AE74L29116L8

Families utilizing Scrip online shopping accounts typically earn 45% more toward their fundraising requirement due to the ease of last minute shopping options. The steps to set up an account are below. Scrip help videos are available on the Shop With Scrip website by selecting Support at the top of the page, Videos along the left side of the page, then Family Ordering.

Scrip Account Setup
Log on to and select the grey Register capsule at the top right
Choose Join A Scrip Program. The enrollment code is 3AE74L29116L8
Enter a username, basic account information and security information

Select the gray Sign In capsule at the top right
Enter Username and Password
Select Dashboard from the upper right
Scroll down the page, and under Family Functions select Payment Types in small blue type on the middle of the screen
Enter your checking or savings account # and bank routing information
Great Lakes Scrip will deposit two small amounts into your checking to ensure the account is active, for example, $0.04 and $0.07
Log into and enter these two values to receive a four digit confirmation number
Email the Scrip office the confirmation number for final verification. Once the four digit code is entered by the Scrip office, an email will sent indicating you can begin shopping
Pay by check at the Scrip Office, or use your PrestoPay account at checkout, which enables you to order ScripNow and ReloadNow at any time
The page allows for fast ScripNow and Reload purchases on your smartphone. Login informations is the same and any purchases made are also displayed on the page

Call the Scrip office at 406-867-4081 or email if you have questions or need more information.