My Scrip Wallet Reloadable Cards

Thank you for your interest in Reloadable cards! You must have your Presto Pay account fully setup to Reload cards. Below are the steps to register an Albertson’s card. Please contact us if you have any questions or refer to the Scrip help videos at, (select Learn at the top of the page, then Videos along the left side of the page, then Family Ordering).

Sign into
1. Log on to and with your Username/Password
2. Select Dashboard from the upper right.
3. Select Family Functions from the left side of the page.
4. Select Wallet below the Family Functions header.
5. Tabs will appear in the middle of the page for ScripNow and Reload; press Reload.
6. Select Register a Card.
7. Enter the following information:
a. In the Brand box, type Albertsons.
b. In the Card No box, type the 19 digit number from the back/bottom of the Albertsons card with no spaces.
c. Scratch off the gray box and enter the four digit PIN
d. In the Card Name box, choose a name for the card such as Mary’s Albertsons.
e. Select Verify.

Adding Funds via
1. Select Shop from the upper right portion of the page.
2. Press the small blue A on the upper left side of the page.
3. Hover the mouse over the Albertsons box and select the green recycle/reload symbol.
4. Under Select Your Registered Card, choose the card name you wish to Reload
5. Enter the dollar amount to load in the box above the card name.
6. Press the blue Add to Cart capsule.
7. To checkout, select the blue cart circle at the top right of the page.
8. Under payment options, enter your personal shopping PIN and submit the order.

The RaiseRight App allows for fast eCard and Reload purchases on your smartphone. The login info is the same and any purchases made here will also be displayed on the page.
If you have any questions, please contact the Scrip Office at 406-298-2760 or