Mayfair 2020 Online Auction and Mayfair Special Project



May 22, 2020

BCS Families and Staff,

Mayfair 2020 Online Auction

The Mayfair Online Auction was supposed to open on Monday, but it is ready now and we decided that it is too great to wait! Click the following link to view all of the auction items and place your bids. The online auction ends June 9.

Click HERE to access the 2020 Mayfair Online Auction

Mayfair 2020 Special Project – BCS Spirit of Excellence

The circumstances surrounding Covid-19 required us to cancel the live version of Mayfair this year, but the needs of our schools and our students did not go away. In fact, the need for support is even greater now in these times of uncertainty as we move toward planning for the 2020-21 school year at Billings Catholic Schools. We invite those who are able to support our schools by donating to the 2020 Mayfair Special Project.

The Billings Catholic Schools Foundation and 2020 Mayfair chairs Roger and Nancy Beeter and Jeff and Tricia Martin are dedicating this year’s special project to the Spirit of Excellence that defines Billings Catholic Schools. The faith, family spirit, and academic excellence embodied by our schools have never been more evident than throughout the past nine weeks. While some schools struggled to remain connected to their students or to even teach them, Billings Catholic Schools excelled. A great majority of our students spent their time in the BCS Remote Learning Environment connected, engaged, and gaining the knowledge needed to progress in the coming school year.

Our staff and students still have challenges to face, but we will face those challenges and overcome them. Billings Catholic Schools will be prepared to educate our students, whatever the coming years bring our world, with an adaptable educational environment prepared and ready when and if a new crisis strikes. Being prepared for the future is going to be a financially challenging as well. The 2020 Mayfair Special Project will provide funds needed to maintain affordable tuition and meet educational needs through professional development for teachers and administrators, necessary technology upgrades, and improved programs and services essential to meeting current challenges.

If you are able to support Billings Catholic Schools and the 2020 Mayfair Special Project, please click the link below. Thank you so much for your commitment to our schools, and for your support and generosity during this time when there has never been a greater need.

Click HERE to Support the Mayfair 2020 Special Project – BCS Spirit of Excellence

Roger and Nancy Beeter, 2020 Mayfair Chairs
Jeff and Tricia Martin, 2020 Mayfair Chairs
BCS Foundation Board of Directors and Staff